English III Assignments


English III
October 16-20

Target: (Mon.) I understand new vocabulary and can use it when reading and writing. I can use a variety of correctly structured sentences. (Tue - Thur) I understand, make inferences and draw conclusions about the structure and elements of poetry. (Fri) I can analyze the effects of diction and imagery in poetry.

Monday, October 16:

  • Bell-Ringer: Power Writing
  • Vocabulary – Lesson 5
  • Grammar – Lesson 5: Simple and Compound Sentences

Tuesday, October 17: (3rd Period has Junior Class meeting about class rings)

  • Bell Ringer: Metaphor Poem
  • PowerPoint: “Poetry”
    • Take notes
    • Poetry Terms Graphic Organizer

Wednesday, October 18:

  • Bell-Ringer: Three Lies Poem
  • PowerPoint: “Rhyme Scheme”
    • Take Notes
    • Practice Rhyme Scheme together
  • Rhyme Scheme WS
    • Turn in for a grade

Thursday, October 19:

  • Bell-Ringer: Metaphor Poem
  • PowerPoint: Voice, Author’s Purpose, and Tone
    • Take Notes
    • PowerPoint: “How to Create a Humument”
      • Create a Humument
        • Turn in for a grade

Friday, October 20:
  • Bell-Ringer: Metaphor Poem
  • PowerPoint: “TPCASTT”
    • Take Notes
    • TPCASTT Graphic Organizer
      • Model a Poem
      • Independent Poem
        • Turn in for a grade