Ms. Barrow's Procedures for correcting graded assignments:

1. In order to correct a graded assignment, you must have received a 69 or below
2. You have 3 days from the time I return your paper to correct it and turn it back in.

3. Do not erase or mark out the incorrect answer
4. Write your corrected answer in a different color from what you originally wrote with.
5. You may write it beside the incorrect answer, turn it over and write it on the back, or write it on a separate sheet of paper and staple to the original.
6. I will regrade it, and if your new answers are correct, you will receive half the points credit back and I will change the grade in the grade book to reflect your new grade.

Returned Assignments:

All assignments will be graded and returned within a timely manner. Please look over your papers. I am human. I make mistakes. I also write notes on your graded papers so you can clearly understand what is missed. However, if you have any questions about your grade or about why you missed something, please discuss that with me. If I have made a grading error to your advantage, I will change your grade, but if I have made a grading error that would lower your grade, I will acknowledge that, but I will not take points away from your graded paper. Let's just say, "you lucked out."

Color to use for turning in assignments: For any assignments to be turned in for a grade, students must write in either blue or black ink or pencil. Written in any other color, marker, or colored pencils, 10 points on that assignment will be deducted.

Following Directions Policy: 5 to 10 points will be taken off for not reading and following directions. WHY?

Following instructions is not just an important learning skill; it is an essential life skill. Starting from coloring the correct box in preschool and going all the way to applying for social security, directions are an important part of everyone’s life. Yet, many seem to have trouble following them.

Throughout childhood and the teen years, learning to follow directions needs to be reinforced all through a person’s education. Many activities have been designed for this sole purpose. Standardized writing exams test this skill as well, as many students fail these each year due to ‘not following the directions. I hope to instill in each of my students the habit of following directions. It is an important learning skill.

My goal is not only to assist students in improving their reading and writing skills; I also want to emphasize the importance of following directions. Students are expected to follow these directions.

So, perhaps in years ahead, students who have taken my English III class will not have to redo their driver’s license applications, have insurance forms rejected, or have tax returns spit out because they were not filled out correctly. They will think back to my class that showed them how to write and how to follow instructions.